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About Us

Connect MyTown is a website and app-based platform that connects people (in- person or virtually) so that services can be provided and received. The purpose is to make your life easier and more productive by finding people who can provide services to help get things off your “to-do” list.

Most of us have long “to do” lists that take a while to get through (some tasks less enjoyable than others). It might include things like: paint the house, stack wood for winter, find a babysitter, organize the basement, book a band for a friends wedding, make dinner three times a week, or improve math skills. Your list might also include goals for yourself such as learn to stand-up paddleboard, or speak a new language. Our lives are busy so it can be challenging to get to it all and have time to spare. Connect MyTown is here to connect you with people who can provide services to streamline your schedule and routine.

The idea for Connect MyTown Inc grew from a need to find services in a military town. As many of us have experienced in military life, we move frequently, making it difficult to find people providing the services we need. Like many others, military members work long hours and can be away from home for extended periods. This makes it even more challenging to accomplish those things on our list.

What became clear through moving, travelling, and meeting different people from all walks of life is that everyone has a skill to offer, even if we don’t think of it this way. If you can cook, play an instrument, organize, can babysit, speak a second language, or paint (to name a few), you have the opportunity to improve someone else’s life. Connect MyTown is also available for you to be a service provider by offering your skills to others.

Services can be carried out physically (such as yard work) or online (practicing a language for example). Connect MyTown makes the link up simple since the search is based on location, ratings, and user feedback, and we facilitate the payment of services through online transactions.

Connect MyTown’s mission is to connect people with people to make us all a little more productive, whether this means getting things knocked off your to-do list or leveraging your skills to benefit others and put extra money in your pocket.

Connect MyTown