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About Us

Connect MyTown is a place for people to share their skills and benefit from the skills of others in their community. This web and app-based platform connects talented service-providers with the people who need them, both in-person or virtually, helping you knock tasks off your never-ending “to-do” list.

We all have things on our list that we need help with: some big, some small. Your “to-do” list might include things like: find a math tutor, paint the house, stack wood for winter, find a babysitter, organize the basement, find a band for a friends wedding, book snow removal, or have a meal dropped off. It can be overwhelming! Connect MyTown is here to help you cross things off your “to-do” list so you have more time to do the things you love.

Your list might also include self-improvement goals such as: practice a new language, get smarter at budgeting, get fit, learn to knit, learn to play a new instrument, improve your cooking, or learn to kayak. Connect MyTown can help you accomplish these too, by connecting you with the talented people in your community.

I created Connect MyTown Inc after seeing—and experiencing—the challenges associated with moving to a new town. As you know, being displaced from family and friends sometimes means not knowing who to call for help. As a military member who moves frequently, I see these challenges often, so I developed a resource that I feel is desperately needed: an online space where anyone can quickly and easily access support and skills in their community.

Connect MyTown is also a great resource for people who are looking for work - even if it’s a side or part-time job. Everyone has a skill and a talent to offer that is profitable, and you may not even realize it! I encourage you to take a few minutes to think about the skills you’ve picked up along the way that others could potentially benefit from.

Although the idea for Connect MyTown grew from living in a military town, I realize that many people could benefit from skill sharing. Our mission is to connect people, share skills, and make each other’s lives a little better. After all, it takes a village!


Connect MyTown